Leaving your best friend alone just got a little less stressful

When dogs are left alone at home, they can get bored, leading to separation anxiety and costly destructive behavior.

Introducing CleverPet

Throughout the day, CleverPet gives your dog the challenges he craves, adapting to his unique personality and intelligence to keep him happy when you can’t be there.

Never Bored Again

CleverPet engages your dog with light, sound, and touch, using their own food to motivate them. As your dog learns, CleverPet is always adapting so it's never too easy or too hard. And you can stay connected wherever you are through the CleverPet app.

Stay connected

You don’t need to worry when you leave your dog with their CleverPet. You can use the app to track your pet’s progress, how much food they’ve eaten, and get notified when they learn new puzzles.

As durable as it is elegant

The CleverPet comes apart easily so you can just throw the food dispenser right in the dishwasher when it gets dirty. Clever, huh?

Easy to clean

Our API allows you to design new games or integrate your CleverPet with other web services and internet-connected devices.

A Busy Dog is a Happy Dog

"Neko works so hard for me and is so earnest and sweet — she deserves to have a little fun and mental stimulation even when I’m not there for her."

– Neko's Mom

"Joey gets too lonely for us to leave him home alone! If we leave him alone for even 10 minutes, he shreds everything in sight or he cries."

– Joey's Humans