The Most Advanced Puzzle Toy

In the morning, instead of putting your dog’s morning meal in her usual dish, put it in the CleverPet! Over the course of the day, your dog receives her food in return for solving simple puzzles designed especially for pets.

Continuously Teaches And Adapts

The CleverPet uses cutting-edge algorithms based on behavioral science to reward your dog when she learns something new. The console has three sensitive touch pads, which light up interactively and are designed for your dog’s nose or paw.

Endless Entertainment

Once your dog masters the basics, she is ready for the bigger challenges that CleverPet can provide. Your dog will have a huge variety of interactive games to play, challenging her mind throughout the day.

Designed for Dogs

Durable and low-profile, CleverPet is built to suit natural animal behaviors and includes lights and sounds tuned to dogs' seeing and hearing abilities.

Smartest Dog Bowl

CleverPet feeds your dog slowly, a few pieces of dry food at a time. It holds enough food to feed most dogs until their humans get home.

For Makers and Hackers

Our API allows you to design new games or integrate your CleverPet with other web services and internet-connected devices.

A Busy Dog is a Happy Dog

"Neko works so hard for me and is so earnest and sweet — she deserves to have a little fun and mental stimulation even when I’m not there for her."

– Neko's Mom

"Joey gets too lonely for us to leave him home alone! If we leave him alone for even 10 minutes, he shreds everything in sight or he cries."

– Joey's Humans